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Why hello there, visitor! I'm a rising, yet talented engineer who loves all things tech related and games. I love to learn about new things constantly, whether it is related to cloud computing to delving deep into the next upcoming game engines. Throughout my career, I partook in numerous projects, both passion and professional ones. With each project, I put forth my vision and expertise into making the product the best it can be. I am currently involved at my Cloud Engineer role at Nebulaworks, where I help deploy and educate clients with cloud computing resources; being an advocate of open source software and best practices. In my free time, I put time and care into my proof of concept video game ideas, which I publish all code to them openly on GitHub. Other than that, I create YouTube videos, go on nature hikes, and of course, going on food trips with close friends and family. I hope you enjoy your visit here!

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Reworking Again

Published 09-08-2021 Read Me!
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A New Coat of Paint!

Published 05-20-2020 Read Me!

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