The End of an Era?

Originaly published: Dec 5, 2018


Another one for the books.

The following content was originally for my DevOps Specialist Intenship at Nebulaworks. All opinions reflected myself at that time and are not representative of my current views.

Remember me? It has been over 4 months since I last updated this blog site. During that timeframe, I encountered new challenges, rediscovered my self, and became a more intresting individual. To start, I am now confortably sitting with a relatively shiny new certification from the Cloud Computing Foundation on being a Kubernetes Administrator! Ever since I got the Docker certification, I was already pushing myself to learn Kubernetes within a month so that I can take the exam before my internship time was up. It was arduous, studying from various online classes to manually spinning up a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Engine. In the end, I was able to pass the test confortable and concluded my internship program on a high note.

From there, I was immediatly taken out for a treat courtesy of the CEO of Nebulaworks (It was absolutely delicious!) along with other engineers and fellow intern, Lynn Dong, on passing the Kubernetes Exam. However, this was only just the start of the next few months where I am working on a contract project for the company! While I cannot disclose any information regarding it, all I can say is that it was the first push in the right direction on what I needed to improve on as a Computer Science major. Not only did I still learn continuously on the job (learning the HashiCorp suite to refining my GitHub skills), but I saw what Nebulaworks truly shines at. Being apart of that experience was something I know I would never be able to replicate anytime soon.

Anyway, the TL;DR of my last paragraph can be summed up as I am leaving my position at Nebulaworks to pursue an offer that I received in the game industry. It pains me to leave such a warm, caring, and outright chill group of people and supervisors, but I know that I would only be hurting myself if I face away from the truth. Being a DevOps Specialist was definetly a worthwhile experience and I do not regret any day that I was at the company, but it is time for me to continue my life journey to its next chapter. I don't want to make this blog post too sappy already (saving that for Linkedln at the time of this), but I just want to thank everyone that I know for helping me get to this point. It has been a part of my life now and it will hold a special place in my heart moving forward. Nebulaworks is going to go places, and I can already see the shining enthusiasum in all of its employees. You guys made me realize there's more to IT and changed my perspective on Linux in more ways than one. That, along with all of the memories of being around you guys will be this year's highlights for sure. Thanks for making my first out of college job special and unforgettable. You guys are truly the best.